Magnificent Kitchens

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Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Magnificent Kitchens offers a wide variety of finishes for you to choose from for your custom project. You can choose the type of finish that best suits your needs as well as your design aesthetics.

High Gloss Lacquer Finishes

Make your cabinet shine with with a french finish. High gloss lacquer finishes can be clear or coloured finishes for your cabinets. Lacquer finishes are durable and will last without flaking. Our high gloss lacquer finishes are appealing and look great.

Textured Melamine Finishes

Textured melamine finishes are a popular overlay for MDF or particle board panels. The melamine sheet is thermoset to a decorative paper laminate at a high temperature. This emerges with a waterproof, durable finish that is available in a wide selection of textures and natural wood grains.

Traditional Wood Stained Finishes

If you’d like a more traditional finish, we offer solid wood stained finishes that are long lasting and offer a beautiful finish to your cabinets. There is a large range of colours to choose from, much like paint, and a finish can be found that will work with your current home décor.

Veneer Finishes

Grain matched wood veneer finishes are a thin sheet that is wrapped around MDF panel or particle board panels. The result is the appearance of a solid wood finish, that can be customized to create any look that you desire.