Magnificent Kitchens

Southern Saskatchewan's ONLY cabinetry dealer.

Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

High quality cabinets are a trademark of Redl cabinets and of Magnificent Kitchens. Quality construction and attention to detail are key components of all Redl cabinets. These frameless cabinets are constructed from high density, low emission, moisture resistant fiber board laminated on both sides for lasting durability. The finished product is one of lasting durability with a great look.

No Compromise with Redl Cabinets

Magnificent Kitchens specializes in Redl cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can be modern, contemporary designs that include sleek, clean looks that are designed with stainless steel appliances in mind. Or a more traditional design, such as traditional recessed panels, are all possible.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms are often rooms of clutter – do away with your morning mess with our custom bathroom cabinets. With custom drawers, cubby holes and cabinets you can make the most of every space. Create a beautiful space with fluted corner details, antiqued lacquer and arched top glass doors. Customer mirrors can be attached to any cabinetry, creating your very own custom vanity.

Modern Custom Cabinet Solutions

Wall units can be created using Redl cabinetry to create beautiful and functional living spaces. Our custom cabinetry can turn a standard living space into a stand out living space. By blending form and function, you will end up with a wall unit that not only is pleasing to look at, but also is functional for your daily life.