Magnificent Kitchens

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Kitchen and Bathroom Project Management

Magnificent Kitchens is proud to offer you its vast knowledge and skills to create your perfect kitchen or bathroom space. These spaces are important to everyday life, and our team can help customize your spaces directly to your needs. We’re pleased to offer start to finish project management so you don’t have to worry.

Build a World Class Kitchen

Kitchen Project Management is a service offered to help design and build your dream kitchen. Redl World Class Kitchens are designed with the customer in mind. Every customer, and every kitchen, is different, which is why you’ll see traditional, modern and elements of both blended into Redl kitchens.

Beautiful Customized Bathrooms

Magnificent Kitchens is also able to offer you Bathroom Project Management services. By taking our Redl Cabinets, we can create and design a functional bathroom space for all your needs. Custom vanities and cupboard spaces can be designed in traditional or modern ways.

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